About The Farm

Glacier Valley Farm is a pasture-based, local-market farm tucked away in the Squamish Valley in British Columbia.  Glacier Valley Farm provides pasture-raised products including eggs, chicken, and pork to people in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

Pasture Based

All livestock at Glacier Valley Farm live outdoors in the fields with free access to grazing, water and shelter.  This provides the animals with the food that Mother Nature intended as well as all the room they need to run around.

Pasture based agriculture benefits to the land itself.  More specifically – the livestock eat the grass, their manure fertilizes the fields and is broken down by worms & bugs, who in turn add nutrients to the soils which in turn makes the grass grow which, again,the animals love to eat –and the cycle repeats itself.

Pasture based farming demands a great deal of commitment from the farmer.  Not only must the farmer regularly move the animals to fresh pasture (providing fresh grass and allowing the vacated field to recover), but the size of the herd must be carefully managed – too many animals to feed and the fields will not have time to recover.

For these reasons and more, small scale farms, like Glacier Valley Farm, are seen by many as the future of farming.

  • Animals raised outside, eating and running around as Mother Nature intended
  • Animals are healthier and happier and don’t need drugs
  • Ecosystem benefits from proper management of feeding & re-growth cycle
  • Locals benefit from great tasting, healthy farm products and ‘buying local’
  • Environment benefits from reduced carbon footprint because your eggs didn’t come from Kansas!